Lecturers Professional Development Certification Program (LPDCP)

Date : 10-14 Augustus 2015, AXA Tower 37 Floor, Jl Satrio Kav 18 – Setiabudi, Kuningan | South Jakarta 12940, Indonesia

T : 02130056123 | F 02130056124 | E silvia@multimatics.co.id | W www.multimatics.co.id

Benefits : Increase quality of lecturers, elevates accomplishments and confidence. The following our lecturers as participants :

1.Microsoft Technology Associate: Software Development Fundamental :

a.  Nurbojatmiko, M.Kom

b.  Aries Susanto HT, Ph.D

2. Microsoft Technology Associate – Database Administration Fundamental :

a. Zainul Arham, M.Si

b. Elsy Rahajeng, MTI

3. MOS – Excell : a. Evy Nurmiati, MMSI

4. FORESEC –  FCNS : a. Nuryasin, M.Kom


a. Elvi Fetrina, MIT

b. Sarip Hidayatuloh, MMSI

6. PASAS – Certified International Business Intelligence Associate (CIBIA) :

a. Nur Aeni Hidayah, MMSI

7. PASAS – Certified International Business Intelligence Professional (CIBIP) :

a. Eri Rustamadji, MBA

All of the participants passed the certification exams for the program that they have taken and bring the certificates with them. This program can be implemented to our students and certify them.